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View Diary: Pawlenty distances GOP from tea party? Sorry fella, they're in charge. (51 comments)

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  •  let's face it - that is why they invented it. (2+ / 0-)
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    Just Bob, Back of Bourke

    So they could claim it wasn't the Republicans.. not really.. when something goes awry.

    Maybe with enough heat, they will collapse the thing.. wont that be a media frenzy!!

    " the Teaparty is dead - what a victory for Democrats"

    but wait.. what's this??

    they splintered off the Teaparty and now there is a Freedom Party instead??

    But they aren't Republicans.. not the run-of-the-mill ordinary type of Republicans.. you know - the "moderates" ..

    Peter King declaring war on Cruz..
    Pawlenty and his crap..

    This was always their plan from day 1... it is the reason for its existence. It is a complete fraud which the media pretends is legitimate. Con artists, and charlatans.. one and all.

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