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    You may have a point there.  The DCCC provides good funds for a Democratic candidate but if this happens, the race will get more exposure than necessary and then the national GOP will get more involved as a result.  That might take the storm out of the Democratic candidate's race, given CA-49 still has more registered Republicans than Democrats.

    One of the reasons why I've always argued in the past for DCCC to get involved in CA-49 is because if Darrell Issa is such a thorn and pain in the ass to the Democratic Party, why not support the Democratic challenger?  Whatever anyone might say about 2012 Democratic Candidate Jerry Tetalman, he did get nearly 42% of the vote and without any outside help outside of the CA-49 district (although Francine Busby did endorse his campaign).  I'm sure if the DCCC would have gotten in the race in 2012, Tetalman's final voting percentage points would have gone up perhaps 3-4% (at least).  There are roughly 40% Democrats and 10% Independents in CA-49.  Uncertain as to whether 42% included 40% Democrats and 2% Independents exactly but I'm sure the results from 2012 indicated Tetalman received a lot of votes from Democratic voters.

    The great thing about California thought is that unlike say Ohio, Missouri or even Florida, the trends are going more in the Democratic Party's favor and as population continues to increase, it's not enabling the GOP a lot of leverage.  Even San Diego County is now becoming competitive as the Democratic Party is making more gains  vs. the GOP in voter registration.

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