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  •  Nicely done, Boran. Really conveys the feel of... (11+ / 0-)

    late day (or early morning?) sunlight. It makes me wish I was standing there, which is a great goal for a landscape painting.

    I did a relatively quick painting from an old photograph I took in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in October about 20 years ago, on slide film. The main subject was an ancient maple tree with a compound trunk in the center of a forest at peak fall color. The whole scene was backlit by glowing neon yellow leaves, and I wanted to capture that in paint.

    As an experiment I started with my usual 9 x 12" gessobord panel, but instead of brushes did the entire painting with palette knives. This initially feels clumsy and awkward, but with thick oil paint on a knife you can do things you just can't do with a brush.
    I blocked in all the yellow/green/white background glow and the foreground shadows, then gently painted the tree trunks and branches over that. The foliage was painted by delicately touching a loaded palette knife to the panel and letting the existing paint pull the new paint off.
    Autumn maple glow

    Up close it looks pretty abstract, but from a distance pulls together to look like a forest.
    I like it so much I'll try more knife painting this weekend.

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