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  •  message discipline is one thing the Dems could lea (0+ / 0-)

    from the Goopers...

    Also, message effectiveness...

    But I guess that's what happens because we have individual thinkers who do not follow a leader like lemmings with suicide vests

    America's LAST HOPE: vote the GOP OUT in 2014 elections. MAKE them LOSE the House Majority and reduce their numbers in the Senate. Democrats move America forward - Republicans take us backward and are KILLING OUR NATION!

    by dagnome on Mon Oct 21, 2013 at 08:49:39 PM PDT

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    •  Sorry I'm late responding (0+ / 0-)

      I'm just learning how to find comments I missed the first time. This is very different from the livejournal site.

      At any rate, Viguerie wrote a book in (I think) the late 70s called "The New Right" where he laid out everything they were to do to win -- and it worked. He got the ideas from the New Left (hence, the phrase "The New Right.") So at one times, lefties knew what they were doing. The problem is, Dems aren't generally lefties. Despite this cozy little place where they mostly seem to be.

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