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  •  I always put the leaves in the woods next to me (4+ / 0-)
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    welso, mikidee, estreya, jayden

    except the one year I thought it would be easier to put them along the road for the Town to vacuum. We had early snows and the Town didn't come by until the spring! I hated looking at it all winter and said never again.

    •  Next to me? (4+ / 0-)
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      mikidee, estreya, jayden, Missys Brother

      Fence, fence, fence.  Neighbor, neighbor, neighbor.  Oh, and the street.  Sigh, nowhere to go. (I would love some woods!)

      Anyway, the city has been really good about picking up the leaves.  If it isn't dry enough to use the vacuum, they bring out the bulldozers and dump trucks.  An army of guys with leaf blowers and rakes move the leaves off the tree lawns and into the street where the construction equipment comes by and scoops them up.  

      Only one time in 15 years has some leaves spent some period of time buried under snow, and when there was a thaw, the city came by and got them; didn't wait until spring.

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