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View Diary: Macca's Meatless Monday: Veggie caucus on the hill (34 comments)

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  •  Sweet potatoes mashed w almond milk -- wow! (5+ / 0-)

    Sound yummy, just with those two ingredients -- yummy warmed as a side dish.

    I've been experimenting with spreads for bread, and I like this idea -- too basic for a recipe yet, seasonings/additions could vary according to taste.

    Frozen green peas (or peas & carrots), cooked, drained, whirred in processor with toasted walnuts and an allium, cooking water added if needed for desired texture.

    First test was with a greater amount of peas and liquid (compared to walnuts); surprisingly sweet, with pea taste prevailing.  Second attempt, with a higher proportion of walnuts, had a stronger walnut flavor and more of a nut-butter consistency.

    Delicious variations on this that I've done before, not spreads but more like condiments, are: (1) well-sauteed or caramelized onions (with a touch of nutmeg and turmeric for digestibility) with blended walnuts (great on potatoes!) and (2) simmered dates (to rehydrate them) blended with walnuts -- wonderfully sweet, great on pancakes (especially buckwheat).

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