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    I completely agree with you that ending the use of Redskins is long overdue.  I also agree that it should not be such a hard concept to understand why it should not be used, especially as a name for a national football team.  I can imagine how degrading it must be to have such a thing emblazoned on jerseys and to have to encounter it in grocery stores and such.  But that's not my point.

    My point is that pointing to other oppressed people and saying "look!  they are getting more respect/progress/etc than me!"  is not effective.  It only makes everyone defensive and plays into the divide and oppress dynamic that has worked so well for way too long.

    This is not a contest to see which group is more oppressed or whose pain is greater.  We should all work together to ensure EVERYONE is respected.

    Some in the black community of guilty of the exact thing you posted earlier.  I often hear, "if that had been the Jews, they never would...".  That kind of thinking does not help anyone.  Doesn't get the black community any more respect, and it doesn't give the Jewish community any warm and fuzzies about the black community.

    What I am saying, is that you could of made your point without the finger jab.  

    What I wish you had said was that this is wrong and you want everyone to join in a boycott/protest/etc against the team until they change that damn name.

    And just as an aside to show you why we should all stick together...not to long ago a character in a major motion picture went the whole film in blackface, complete with jive talking and afro wig - Tropic Thunder in 2008.  It made a ton of money and most people thought it was a hoot.

    So you see...time passes and it just keeps going on.  That's why minority groups in this country really need to stop the infighting.  Or we will forever be treated to Johnny Depp in bad makeup.  Just sayin'.

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