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  •  The idiot knows nothing about Judaism (8+ / 0-)

    The Pharisees were one of several competing ideologies at the time, and was the only one to survive the destruction of the Temple. Essentially, all Jews today, from all movements, follow directly from that tradition, with the possible exception of the Ethiopians (who have now been brought into that tradition now that they are in the Land of Israel thanks to the leadership of the recently deceased Rabbi Ovadia Yosef who advocated for them for four decades).

    That tradition was notably NON literal and NON fundamentalist. Their interpretations -- which became the authoritative rabbinic interpretations -- very often strayed much further from the apparent literal meaning of scripture. One example is that the notorious "eye for an eye" passage is unanimously interpreted in the rabbinic tradition as requiring full compensation for a wound, and NOT a retaliatory wound, something that as far as we can tell has never happened in the 3000+ year history of Judaism.

    In addition, the Pharisees enforced numerous lenient interpretations of Jewish religious law that made life much easier, particularly for women.

    The "Jewish law is too difficult" is an anti-Semitic Christian canard that I had hoped would have disappeared by now. Apparently not.

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