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  •  I live in California's Central Valley (5+ / 0-)

    so I buy as much produce as possible from local farmers' markets. Because I live here, I don't subscribe to a CSA. We've also reduced the amount of meat we eat and try to buy as much organic/local as we can - not always easy. The grocery store we go to marks products that are produced within 100 miles of our town, which is nice to know when shopping. They recently added the grades for seafood products - good, bad, in-between (I forget which organization came up with this but it's another nice guide to have while shopping).

    Even with the variety of locally grown produce, we are surrounded by big ag/monoculture farms. Almost all the tomatoes grown here are the same variety of Romas used for making canned tomatoes and ketchup. Then there's the rice that I feel conflicted about because the rice fields have replaced the Tule marshes as habitat for birds. I generally buy Lundberg rice because they use sustainable farming practices and are very aware of the role of rice fields as habitat for birds.

    “Parties do not lead revolutions. They follow them. And then only when forced to.” Joe Bageant

    by tgypsy on Sun Oct 20, 2013 at 08:40:23 AM PDT

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