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View Diary: Still think Big-Ag is the answer? Read Bittman. (88 comments)

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  •  Great. Wow, in which area are you located?/nt (3+ / 0-)
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    angelajean, RiveroftheWest, Joieau
    •  Southern Appalachians, (1+ / 0-)
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      south slope of the Black Brothers (Mt. Mitchell, et al.). about 3 miles as the eagle flies to the eastern continental divide along the Blue ridge, a bit east of the Smokies. Land here is pretty seriously graded, so it's sold as "More or Less."

      That means they took an overhead map and put a 1-acre grid over the top of it, and count how many acres are in the plot. We bought 13, but if you actually walk it down here on the ground, it's closer to 26. Average in my county is $5,000 an acre if you aren't a rich retiree buying into a log mcmansion gated development.

      •  log McMansion and ... gated? ... this (2+ / 0-)
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        angelajean, Joieau

        seems not to add up ... :-)

        Now I have to dig into the maps. Do people protect their log mcmansions there with guns? I am scared of lonely gun-owning farmers. :-)

        •  Yeah, log McMansions (1+ / 0-)
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          are the hip dip cosmic trip newfangled super-retirement 'statement' these days. Those fancy Big Timber beauties with the 'rustic' appeal on half-acre $85-100K lots. Mostly second homes, of course, since none of 'em really want to LIVE here in hillbilly land. Private lakes, gatehouse guards 24-7, meticulously landscaped faux  deep-forest land and fake waterfalls, golf courses on mountaintops... well, I guess it's a lot better than mountaintop removal coal 'mining', so I won't complain about that... Super-wired constantly monitored security systems that won't let you open a window or door to the crisp mountain fresh air, brand spanking new police/fire HQ across the street from the gate. Only the locals have guns - they're who the gates are suppsed to keep out.

          ...and yes, the land right outside the gate goes for $5K an acre. More or less.

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