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  •  Learning within a specialty = conservative minds? (2+ / 0-)
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    RockyMtnLib, Cream Puff

    if it is just interpreting existing knowledge or precedent or procedures... Memorizing holy writ goes with conservative thinking generally and memorizing medical texts and law books to pass an exam are not dissimilar. Straying from the texts and currently established truths is not a way to pass exams.
    I feel sure that plenty of doctors and lawyers question things and have open minds but many if not the majority are successful in those professions by NOT rocking the boat, by sticking with precedent and received wisdom and what they are taught. Medical practice does advance but as a profession is does so very carefully and deliberately as it must and it is therefore conservative by nature in part... "First do no harm"... Sticking with tried and true is safer and that overall approach will be more comfortable for conservatives.

    Quacks and innovative geniuses (liberal or conservative) go against that... and the best way for the rest to avoid malpractice suits and having your rates go up is to be slow and steady doing just what everyone else does. And lawyers probably stay poorer unless they are serving the already wealthy who are more usually conservative.

    And also, quite a few Doctors and Lawyers become in effect a very self important high priesthood, keeper of the mystic knowledge and have a high opinion of themselves after getting through law school or medical school... and all the hoops and endurance tests of getting to the point were they are somebody in their professions... And of course they do deserve plenty of respect for sticking with it at least if not excelling in their areas and we do have great need of their knowledge and training even if they are not on the cutting edge of their fields. But they do not deserve uncritical admiration or automatic respect because self serving and corrupt people are also part of the equation and many expect payback if not excessive deference for the investment of years of their lives and effort that they made.

    Plenty of others can see the amount of hypocrisy and entitlement that the professions are shot through with and choose to question things a bit more and think more with an open mind... and they can be more liberal or more conservative there is talent in both direction... and there will be plenty of unexceptional clock punchers in both camps... but the balance of political opinion will tend to be conservative in both professions... that is where the big money is... corporate law etc... doctors and specialists in lucrative practices... the conservatives do seem to be hard to find among the ranks of public defenders or Doctors working in 3rd world countries who are not there as part of an evangelical religious movement

    Pogo & Murphy's Law, every time. Also "Trust but verify" - St. Ronnie (hah...)

    by IreGyre on Mon Oct 21, 2013 at 06:39:19 AM PDT

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