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    Front Toward Enemy
    FOX hardly ever tells them anything that makes them happy...
    Republican politics in the age of Obama is grounded mainly in self-congratulation and resentment. Fox et al. make their audience feel like the heroes of their own private mythology, constantly beset by enemies both secret and out-in-the-open, the last bulwark against the apocalyptic destruction of everything they know and love.

    I'd have to look and think back to whether it was like this during the Bush years, viz., whether Fox tried to make its audience feel as "happy" back then as it tries to make them feel miserable now. They certainly tried to make them feel scared back then, particularly about how another 9/11 was just over the horizon if everyone did not unquestioningly and unwaveringly support anything and everything the Bush administration was doing and saying. But I think they did try to make their audience happy about their unquestioning and unwavering support of Bush, Cheney, the GOP, the Iraq invasion, &c.

    Since then it's been all misery and resentment; "How dare [fill in real or imaginary group or person here] enjoy [fill in real or imagined benefit here] while you're [fill in real or imagined hardship here]?" During the Bush years Fox made its viewers feel scared and happy; during the Obama years, scared and upset.

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