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View Diary: Murdoch & Fox News Engaged In Sockpuppet PR Campaign To Counter Bloggers (295 comments)

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  •  Yeah, that comment that you uprated (3+ / 0-)
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    duhban, Moravan, WinSmith

    which is the comment that WinSmith was replying to, which you then responded to in turn.  Silly of me to assume that you were well aware of it, I know.

    The modern conservative is engaged in one of man's oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness. -- John Kenneth Galbraith

    by richardak on Sun Oct 20, 2013 at 06:09:07 PM PDT

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    •  That's why I had to go and do the work for you. (3+ / 0-)

      And you apparently don't have much to say about the fact the comment I uprated wasn't specific enough to elicit the rather disproportionate response by the person to whom I replied.

      It didn't say anything about "anyone who's ever criticized Snowden/Greenwald is likely a sockpuppet," did it?

      Which is why I asked you what the fuck you were talking about in the first place.

      Somebody has to do something, and it's just incredibly pathetic that it has to be us. ~ J. Garcia

      by DeadHead on Sun Oct 20, 2013 at 07:35:29 PM PDT

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