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  •  Inspiring me to get back on it. (3+ / 0-)
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    BOHICA, terrybuck, jakedog42

    I dig playing the acoustic, but I've mostly played electrics. Didn't pick it up until I was near 30 and didn't very good. I've been wanting to pick her back up recently, but she lives at the pawn shop for another week at least.

    Also trying to build my own electric, but I'm not any better at woodworking than I am at playing. It's meant to evoke the old Deacon guitar. I made a laminate out of my dad's maple floorboard remnants and a stripe of bright red padauk.

    •  My main acoustic is a 70's Washburn Prairie Song, (1+ / 0-)
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      from back when Washburn made good instruments.  It's a D-18 copy, but i's solid wood, and I've played it so much, for so long, that much more expensive guitars just don't sound or feel right.

      I do have a Seagull (cedar top) with a slightly wider-than-standard neck that I prefer to finger-pick on.  And a strat for playin' that old time rock  and roll.

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