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  •  two questions:spying on us versus spying on world. (1+ / 0-)
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    The FISA Court is not a court, it's secret, has no legitimate jurisprudence, reassures us that Big Brother is our friend. The Supreme Court is another secret court with a similar design, operating in the wide open, its doubletalk protected by the cult rituals of the legal profession. But internationally, there are other jurisdictions that still do care about the survival of civilization, the rule of international law, and they resent being invaded by the barbarian US. Henry Adams advised that technological progress does not supplant government but makes it more necessary. Fukushima, drones, NSA, carbon environments augur the end of the species and most others that Noah knew. The transformation of what might be called the free world, defined as those infdividuals, organizations, communities and nations responsible for saving the world, is accelerating.  

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