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  •  listened to over 2 hrs right wing radio today (8+ / 0-)

    i probably have not listened to 10 hours total

    doing some winterizing of camping and riding through the country in central ohio

    first some guy was going on and about Obama care and socialized medicine. Later found out it was Glenn Beck. Way back in 2002, Obama made a speech about the need for single payer health care. Glenn told us that everything going on is a step toward single payer health care ...

    there was an article after the government shut down that corporations support the Tea Party. Anything that reduces the power of government and frees up more for private take over. This is what I thought about. No one is talking about single payer right now except Glenn Beck. This could be getting ready for a multi year fight against single payer so Beck is doing the work of the private insurance and parts of the medical industry.

    In a bookstore later. Beck has a ton of books out there.

    What he says are lies. The opposite to what he says is the truth, or close to it.

    On the way back got to hear Rush Limpballs. All of these programs had plenty of ads. Revenue may be down, and some big companies have dropped them, but they sure had a lot of ads from several kinds of companies.

    Listening to Rush and Glenn one can understand how fascism came to Germany and Italy. Rush had several topics. Obama has a conscious plan to take over the country. Liberals lie, lie, lie. No such thing as a moderate liberal. Can't reason with them. Can't believe anything they say.

    He had a several minute segment for a company that helps people negotiate with the IRS when they have huge back taxes. He sounded like a paid staff member.

    I listened to Rush about a decade ago. He then said that you can't trust any liberal. With a sample size of say 3 shows, several years apart, one could guess that he talks about the lying liberals at least once a week.

    They are really down on Obama. They are totally against anything he does as he rolls out his agenda to take over the country. No middle ground, need to fight everything they do.

    And by the way, did you know that the dems were responsible for the government shutdown. Anyone who says it was republicans is lying. And the dems have set in motion the next closure of the government by Harry Reid saying that taxes need to be raised.

    Then a short segment of Sean Hannity. He played over and over again Obama saying that no one would loose their health coverage. I mean like 20 times from many different clips.

    Has the press noted that the repubs don't have a health care plan at all??

    The repubs are the party of NO and with objective reporting we get the story of 2 sides.

    On another topic, a friend had a diary up recently which was bashing repubs. Wow that was easy to bash them. Harder to present a coherent argument against the dems.

    In summary - there are problems and to resort to demagogy, irrationality, racism (hidden in what I heard, except backdrop of black president)

    what is in the minds of the listeners?

    can they ever see the light or are they totally ruined>

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