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  •  I agree, the culprit is poverty... (0+ / 0-)

    so what is the best way to combat poverty?

    I deserved a timeout because my titles are provocative in order to get people to read my diaries, but I am a liberal.  

    I actually support increasing SNAP payments to children and the disabled, what I am really discussing is the portion of food stamps included in the 2009 stimulus--which was a good way to provide help quickly to people due to the Bush recession.  We are now in 2013 so now we should adjust our programs to deal with the major issue which is wage stagnation and slow job growth.  I want healthy adults out of poverty and not depending on SNAP and Medicaid, so any cut of SNAP would have to be supplemented by increased EITC payments or an increase in the minimum wage.  

    Btw, do you know Walmart has the most workers that receive SNAP and that it doesn't provide employees a discount on groceries?!?  We really need to be discussing how corporations are gaming the system when it comes to wages and government assistance programs.  So I support SNAP, but the real issue is wage stagnation, and the EITC is a tool that might work better for healthy adults.

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