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    Japan is always a special case.  Here's an interesting article on the demographic changes in the country:

    The Abe government has broken with the rest of the world by pursuing economic stimulus while austerity is the usual response.  Krugman says it seems to be working out for them.

    Abe also wants to amend the Japanese constitution so that the Self-Defense Forces can become more like a national military, with the ability to deploy abroad more easily and legally.  This is not a good sign and there are influential Japanese who oppose it, like Hayao Miyazaki of anime fame.  (This may be the first time he's spoken out on political issues, outside environmental concerns but I would check that.)

    Demographic issues in China and India are going to be important drivers in those countries as this century goes on.  The severe imbalance between male and female births due to gender choice in strict family planning will leave us with testosterone-laden populations with the gender balance of lumber camps in the next few decades.  All those young men without women are going to be a strong driver towards violence.

    Russia and the former Soviet Republics will also be a possible breeding ground for extremism, as if they aren't already.

    The scapegoats this time around are different.  In Hungary it's the Roma people, in Greece it's immigrants, in Russia it's gays.  I guess there aren't enough Jews left to go around but I'm sure that the Protocols of the Elders of Zion will get another dose of exposure too, just for old time's sake.

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