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  •  There is one deadline I would like to see extended (5+ / 0-)

    and that is the cutoff of Dec. 15 for coverage to begin in January 2014. As I understand it, the deadline of March 15 is to avoid the very meager tax penalty for not signing up (which can obviously be waved or extended later if signup problems persist), but if you don't get signed up by Dec 15 then you cannot get coverage that actually pays your medical expenses or allows you to visit a doctor in 2014. That deadline I think should be extended so that people have more time to still get in for next year.

    I think those are reasonable expectations and will likely happen. I'm fortunate to have insurance through my work right now, so it's easy enough for me to be patient and wait for them to work out the problems, which is not going to happen overnight -- no matter how many "best and brightest" they bring in, in reality it will take time for anyone to understand the system, identify the problems, code and test and fix and implement solutions, and then fix again. Many different systems belonging to many different private companies have to interact. Making it work well it is going to be complicated and take time, which is why it's having so many issues.

    Demanding they "fix it now" is pointless, and bemoaning that it has problems also seems like a waste of time to me... funny the diarist complains about wasted time, but the fact is, he is choosing to "waste" his time repeatedly visiting a website he knows is broken, then wasting more time complaining about it. I get the impression he's intentionally "wasting" his time trying to get signed up while he knows it's not working yet because it provides fodder for his political commentary and cartoons to complain about it and insult "Barry" personally for everything that is wrong. Forget that without "Barry" there would be no health insurance exchanges to be signing up for and no marketplace websites to be complaining about how slow they are to get working.

    I do understand people who are genuinely just frustrated with the problems, as I am too, but as someone who worked for more than 20 years in the software field as a tester and tech writer, I know what they are up against and I know it's going to be painful for awhile. Asking for reasonable extensions of deadlines is fine.

    But the name calling and whining and disingenuous complaints in this diary and others I've seen give the impression that some people just can't help it, or actually enjoy, looking at only the bad and ignoring anything positive. Others have an agenda against the Democrats and/or President Obama and want it to fail. Sometimes it's hard to tell which is which.

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      but the fact is, he is choosing to "waste" his time repeatedly visiting a website he knows is broken, then wasting more time complaining about it.
      . . . you mean this one? . . .

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