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View Diary: Just Don't Do This While Flying, OK? (222 comments)

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  •  situational awareness: not always lack of courtesy (9+ / 0-)

    Did it ever occur to you guys who are claiming it's selfishness  or a lack of courtesy that some people don't have great spacial perception abilities??

    Some people couldn't avoid the occasional 'bump' if they tried. (I know, I'm one of them).

    I'm an Aspie and I have trouble with depth perception, spatial relation, etc. I walk into things or bump things all the time, even around my house where I know where everything is!

    •  Perfection! Dammit, we want perfection! We (5+ / 0-)

      want the convenience of flying and we want it cheap.  Which means it will be available to many many people.  But we want these hordes of people to pose no inconvenience or unpleasantness on OUR trip.  So just don't make any damn mistakes, don't hold us up a few seconds because you failed to plan perfectly or don't know the details of every rule, don't make any sound or odor that might bother us, and damn it, don't you DARE talk to me unless I want you to.  And be absolutely certain that you remain aware while sleeping so your head doesn't roll onto my shoulder.  Because then if I don't want it there, I'd have to move it off.  And that would mean my entire was a DISASTER.  

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