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  •  It's the parents who don't even TRY who irk me. (5+ / 0-)
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    TheOrchid, martydd, ColoTim, Delilah, JosephK74

    No matter what obnoxious thing their precious offspring is doing, the parents just grin helplessly: What can you do?

    Years ago, I was in the aisle seat, watching with horrified disgust as the 5-year-old across the aisle began shrieking and kicking the seat in front of her in fury. After it had gone on for a while, I said to the mother, "Oh, for God's sake!" She theatrically swiveled her head and said, "Excuse me? Were you never a child?" "I'm not now and I don't have to put up with it." I can still see her shit-eating grin as she said, "Wanna bet?" She went on tell me that tantrums are no more attractive from adults than from children.

    Let the record reflect that I did not look her in the eye and say, "Eat shit and die." Such a wonderful parent. I feel all warm and  fuzzy about the future, contemplating what the world will be like when the children of such parents reach their teens.

    •  What would you suggest that parent do (1+ / 0-)
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      in a situation like that?

      •  Not what she did, which was to tell me in not so (5+ / 0-)

        many words "Go f___ yourself." She eventually did pick up the child, but a long time passed, during which she sat there while the brat kicked and screamed. Compare and contrast with a young mother in a laundromat, decades ago. She apologized for everything her toddler did, even though the child wasn't bothering me in the slightest. I commended her and told her not to worry, while mentally wishing more parents could be like her.

        •  Yes, you're right (0+ / 0-)

          She could definitely have behaved differently towards you.

          In reality, there may not have been much else she could have done with respect to her child, though. Sometimes when you pick them up, they just keep on screaming anyway. At least then the child wouldn't have been able to kick the back of the seat in front.

          They don't come with "off" switches, unfortunately.

          •  Yep. I'm not entirely unsympathetic to parents (1+ / 0-)
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            in general, and can well imagine how wearying it must be to have to watch constantly to make sure the child isn't making a nuisance of him/herself. OTOH, the permissive ones drive me bonkers. Even Ann Landers (of memory ever blessed) once wrote something about "The other diners won't mind if your child is a little wild." Really, Ann? I'm sure the waiters would prefer not having children dash and/or stop right in front of them.

    •  This is the sort of (1+ / 0-)
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      thing that leads people to become conservatives (think of the monologues of Rorshache in The Watchmen).  When they refer to "entitlement" they're not just referring to necessary social program, but people with no regard for others that expect everyone else to bend to them.  I was disturbed to see some people unthread justifying bumping into others based on having "bad spatial awareness".  No, it's called being a jerk and is no different than tailgating or failing to use your turn signal.  Likewise with passing gas on an airplane (use the restroom!) at someone else justified.  Empathy and understanding are great, but when used as justifications they can pass into self-centered entitlement with no regard for others.

      •  Too bad you don't have a clue what you're (0+ / 0-)

        talking about.  Are you sure you're not a conservative?  Because you certainly think and talk like one.  Facts are just an "excuse".

        I'll try to explain to you how jerks like us happen to walk in front of people or bump into people.  I'm walking along and see a woman who a little part of my brain imforms me will be directly crossing my path at some point.  However, because of my "bad spatial awareness", as you choose to refer to it, it appears to me that she's some distance away from me.  Unfortunately, I suddenly realize, as I'm walking in front of her, that she's actually right by me.  It's much too late for me to stop, slow down, or otherwise avoid the situation.  And it happens so quickly that I'm past her before it clicks into my brain what's just happened.  I'm then feeling like a jerk for being so rude.  I never intended to be; I had virtually no idea I would be.  All I would have had to do was slow down or vary my path.  But it's too late to undo it.

        As far as bumping into people, I trip on the ground and walk into walls.  I hit my head and stub my toe.  Trust me, I'd avoid those things just as I'd avoid bumping into a person if I had the ability.  

        I'm afraid the jerks in this diary are those who believe thousands of people are obligated to follow their little set of rules in order to make their lives more pleasant.  If instead they would develop a little more patience and compassion, both their lives and the lives of all those around them would be much more pleasant.

        •  Sounds pretty self-centered to (0+ / 0-)


          I'm afraid the jerks in this diary are those who believe thousands of people are obligated to follow their little set of rules in order to make their lives more pleasant.
          This is not at all what people are talking about.  They're talking about common courtesy to others.  The fact that you see common courtesy to others as somehow jerkish tends to reinforce the impression that your bumping into others is not some sort of neuro-cognitive disorder, but rather a general lack of awareness and regard for other people.  

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