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View Diary: Cuts to food stamp benefits just in time for the holidays (70 comments)

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  •  The human race is a captive species. (1+ / 0-)
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    Calamity Jean

    Unlike the birds and the deer, we are separated from our sources of food. We are landlocked. It takes gas to get us to the store just to get some food, let alone grow and prepare it ourselves. Then we need to pay the city to give us adequate water, which isn't available in all parts of this country.

    Some of the lucky ones have a little plot of land and the time to grow a garden to get some of their basic nutrients. Yet most of us have to depend on the industrial and post industrial economy to pay us for our services, in which we trade in for food. Unfortunately, something happens between being paid and getting the food that takes away what little people have.

    It is depressing, but it can be remedied by making food a basic right. We can start with the kids. We can ensure that every child who needs it has free or reduced lunches and breakfasts. We can then expand this basic right to our elderly, those who are no longer able to work due to age, and the disabled, including those who are too mentally or emotionally disabled for gainful employment.  

    Yet the government (the republican part) doesn't want to do this, because perhaps one or two able bodied adults will benefit in the process of feeding hungry children and the elderly. If a mother is well fed, then she will be a better mother and be able to provide a roof over her child's head.

    We can pay for this by raising taxes on those edibles that are so processed that they aren't really food anymore. If we taxed soft drinks and sugary snacks and chips with the normal sales tax, perhaps that could help pay for this endeavor.

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