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View Diary: Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett's fast food socialism (37 comments)

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    Remember, that incumbent under 50% is trouble is a myth.

    The last polls for Kasich I could find indicated either he's in the low 40s or low 50s. Inconclusive, so I think it's hard to say he's really endangered and with pushing so hard for the medicaid expansion that is going to win him some points.

    The last poll I saw for Scott had him at 47% once again that doesn't particularly spell danger.

    In Maine, spoiler Eliot Cutler is running again and the polls have them all 3 Michaud, LePage, Cutler, tied. LePage should be toast, but if anti-LePage is split he could theoretically win with 40%.

    Okay so I'll give you that one! But what I'm saying is that Corbett with his 33-58% approval rating is the only one that looks like a lock to lose. Everyone else is toss up or solid.

    Scott Walker btw, has 50% approval, a few points higher than Obama.

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