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    I only have one personal beef with president Obama. From day one Obama has not provided sufficient monitoring of every big project executed under his office. The first such failure occurred in the form of a serious lack of effective administration of the Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. I am fully aware that the job of president is very demanding time wise for anyone occupying that position. However given the size of this program ($831 billion), executive management and control was a necessity. There were solid proven programs available at the time that should have been used by the White House for this purpose, namely PERT (Program Evaluation and Review Technique) and CPA (Critical Path Analysis). These two programs were integral to the Apollo program and were directly instrumental in assisting NASA's ability to complete its mission and put a man on the moon. Since then these two programs have been updated and used extensively for controlling huge projects. Thus much of the money intended to help revitalize the nation was not properly managed which in turn compromised the ultimate purpose of the program.

    Now we come to the second big project of the Obama administration, the roll out of the Affordable (Health) Care Act. President Obama should have had a cadre of systems analyst people from our computer industry working on the web site roll out over a year ago. Such a group of experienced personnel would have not only created a working site, but would have been able to run automated random scripted traffic on the website to simulate various levels of traffic. The team could also come up with some effective relief scenarios for any "denial of service" attacks from people hostile to the ACA law, who would use a battery of Internet computers to jam up the website. The team leader would have reported directly to the president and should have been someone who is a well known and respected top level systems analyst in the computer industry.

    It is not to late for the president to take this course. He should leave the current website up subject to ongoing repairs just to continue a portal that is available to the interested public, while the team creates the new website. As a matter of fact there might have to be a series of websites created as the project moves toward completion and new problems surface. However, the only problem with this incremental approach is that president Obama must demand and assure that identical access exists between all data bases used in each incremental phase of the development.

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      You're not asking for much are you? We are talking about government here, the worst and most inefficient thing ever created for these kinds of projects, except for all the others.

    •  I always thought that was a particularly fatuous (0+ / 0-)


      Just because you're at the 'top' of any organization does NOT mean you know every little thing some person under you decides to do in advance.  Procedural manuals grow in response to people doing things that were not expected until after someone did them.  Then you write rules saying 'don't do that'.

      But even so, the President himself would not be monitoring every detail of every department under him.  That's why you've got all of those folks below you.  Unfortunately, you don't get to hire everyone anew every time the President changes, so probably half the government was hired by Republicans, who really want government 'not to work'.

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