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    I think all managers making decisions to cut staffing or outsource in order to save costs should first be required to spend at least 3 months in an IT boot camp to see all that's involved in running a Data Center.  I've seen so many outsourcing projects turn into abject failures because management had no clue what was involved.  In my case I manager Linux/Unix/SAN and some Database administration. If someone called to say that a database LUN was running out of space it was a one stop shop to fix it.  I increased the LUN on the SAN, went to the Linux/Unix box to do all that was necessary to make it see the newly added storage, and finally do the same for the database side.  When they outsourced the outsourcing company had a Unix team, a SAN team, and a database team.  So that same LUN increase required it to first go to the SAN team (SLA was 2 days, unless you wanted to pay $$$ for "emergency" change), then go to the Unix team (another 2 days), then go to the Database team (another 2 days).  So you've changed from one person being able to do all 3 steps immediately to 3 people taking 6 days to do the same thing. Yeah, way cheaper. I realize I'm getting a bit off topic but I have to wonder how much input to the came from managers versus IT people.  I would suspect the IT people said we need this to get it done and management said "That's too expensive, let's cut that in half".  You get what you pay for.

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