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View Diary: Democrats, it's time to register as Republicans (28 comments)

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  •  this was done here in GA recently, sort of (0+ / 0-)

    Doug McKillip was elected as a GA State Rep. as a Democrat and almost immediately switched to the Republican Party.  He then authored a 20-week abortion ban law that nobody in the district was clamoring for. He helped the Repubs gerrymander Athens to the point that very liberal Athens has but 1 representative at the state or federal level.  
    They gerrymandered the district to essentially guarantee McKillip re-election, but Dems would have none of it.  GA does not require party affiliation to be declared to vote in a primary, so many Dems voted in the Republican primary for his opponent, a local lawyer, and beat him!
    Still, the damage is done, Athens has been gerrymandered apart and lacks any real representation, beyond the actually progressive Spencer Frye in the State House.

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