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  •  In my opinion, he seems to be reaching out to (3+ / 0-)
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    people who have stopped practicing while reminding all Catholics to stop believing in ideologies and to get back to what Christ said to do, which was to act the way He( Christ) did. So, Catholics are supposed to help the poor and to pray more.  I get the idea the Pope wants the parishes to put more efforts into social justice and he wants Catholics to get out and talk to the poor, ill, old. or whatever, to help them, but also to learn (encounter Christ) through them.

    I think that politically, what it could mean is not that Catholics align themselves so much with one party or another, but that they influence both parties to do good.

    This is not new Catholic teaching, but,  the reaching out in language that everyone understands seems kind of new. I remember previous Popes telling us not to be materialistic. This Pope says not to make an idol of money or profits. Sort of the same thing, but  more clear.

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