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  •  Thank you for pointing this out. (3+ / 0-)
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    PJEvans, worldlotus, Avilyn

    I've seen quite a bit of these "my premium is tripling" type of stuff myself.  It's not surprise that health insurance companies would try to lock customers into exorbitant rates before they get a chance to jump ship onto the exchange.  This is probably another attempt by the companies to generate negative political pressure.

    The real solution is to find a way to get new insurance.  If your insurance company is trying to deliberately screw you then it's time to look elsewhere.  It's not something that's enjoyable in the least but most everyone has to grapple with their insurance options once in a while.

    •  Please spread the word (3+ / 0-)
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      jdsnebraska, worldlotus, Avilyn

      When you see those comments. You will be doing a kindness to a fellow human being.

      People that sign onto these scams will be paying so much more out of pocket, I expect!

      •  I try. (3+ / 0-)
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        second gen, worldlotus, Avilyn

        One person I talked to (on the Internet) said that their deductible was skyrocketing and premium tripling.  My response was that they're trying to gouge you and it might be time to consider different options.  I gave the link to the "window shopping" page on

        Turns out my suspicion of gouging was more spot on than I thought.  Good for Kentucky for looking into this borderline scam.  It pays to have Democrats in government.

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