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View Diary: Nefarious letters about PPACA (22 comments)

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  •  My expensive insurance just used the ACA (0+ / 0-)

    to lower the quality of insurance and raise the premiums and claim that it's because they are keeping to the new ACA standards, as if the floor is a ceiling.  

    At one point, the lady on the phone just told me to check out the exchanges.  She was actually being nice.  The exchanges offer the exact same plan, but $100 less per month.  

    I'm excited and nervous about the exchanges.  I've been buying insurance for about years, because I am have been in video games.  It's ridiculously expensive.  So, I'm excited about the exchanges, because of being in a big pool.  But I'm also nervous to sign up, because I worry that the pool won't get big due to scare tactics.  

    I'm curious about you being interested in the exchanges.  Aren't you in Mass?  They don't already have good private insurance there?

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