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View Diary: I Gotta Say: I Love Apple TV - Able to DROP Comcast! (85 comments)

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  •  I have had a Roku for years and love it (7+ / 0-)

    I got it when it first came out to stream Netflix. It also has Hulu plus if you want it, and an HBO channel if you already subscribe to HBO.

    All sorts of channels are available on it--plenty for free. Yale University video and audio courses from Lecture Kings (these are on iTunes as well). The Smithsonian channel with full episodes. A Facebook channel that streams photos and videos your friends and "likes" post. A couple of really good weather channels. Pandora and all the radio you could want. A podcast channel.

    Plus I get Amazon video on it and use that a lot for newer movies, because I don't get the Netflix DVDs any more.

    But my fave channel is a free private one, easily added through the internet, called the Nowhere Channel. It has an amazing amount of stuff--including the BBC live from London (not BBC America--the real thing), Al Jazeera English even if you can't get it in your area any more, a buncha local news from all over, the CBS Sunday Morning show, etc etc etc.

    It too needs rebooting from time to time, but the thing is creaking old. I'm amazed it's still working at all. I'll definately get a new one when this one dies.

    But I do wish Roku could work out their legal issues with YouTube. That's the only think it lacks.

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