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  •  It will be different this time (3+ / 0-)

    It will be a different race this time.  Libby Mitchell won't be running as the Democrat's choice.  Mike Michaud will the our standard bearer.  Mitchell was a very weak candidate, whereas Michaud will be better.  OTOH, Michaud has some weaknesses Mitchell did not.  All that is now cast in the light of 4 years of LePage, which even Republicans view as an experience better not repeated.  A lot of Democrats, and maybe a few Republicans, will be weighing how much they dare to support their party and their preferences, vs how much they don't want even the possibility of another term for the evil bastard that sneaked through on a plurality the last time.  

    Michaud is ahead of Cutler right now, I think.  Assuming he keeps that lead, voters will make that anti-LePage switch to Michaud.  If that advantage slips, the Cutler campaign will get the benefit of the anti-LePage movement.  Even the Tea Party Republicans I talk with in my small town are hard pressed when asked to defend LePage.  I believe they, and folks like them, will not turn out heavily next year.

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