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View Diary: Glenn Beck's Latest Art Attack (I'm Included) (33 comments)

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  •  But don't cons think artists are bums? (2+ / 0-)
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    arlenegoldbard, RiveroftheWest

    You know, unemployed losers that don't matter? Hippies that need to get real jobs? Isn't that what we were told all through the Bush administration about all those pieces they did protesting the Iraq war? Now all of a sudden they matter? When did that happen? Oh, right, when Beck ran out of REAL targets to go after. Or all the real targets stopped caring about him after he stopped having a real TV show. So it's more like he doesn't like having to compete with all those people he used to look down on now that he lost most of his free publicity when he was on Fox. All of the sudden having to compete with some kid on YOUTube makes you feel less important. And at least that kid on YOUTube is giving it away for free!

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