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View Diary: Sometimes MSNBC disgusts me. (99 comments)

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  •  The only show on MSNBC I DO watch regularly (1+ / 0-)
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    Catte Nappe

    is Morning Joe.  Yes, I know Scarborough can be rude and interrupt at times.  But If you are looking for a show where the GUESTS are often reputable names on both sides who are able to express an opinion beyond talking points, that's a decent outlet.  And that's why I watch it.  

    I tend not to watch shows that are aimed primarily at reinforcing one particular political viewpoint -- I find them transparent and petty.  I'll give you an example from MSNBC this morning.  I had the TV on Thomas Roberts for some reason.  He was doing a story on women suffering from abuse and how it affects health.  It was a pretty good story, well done, not political but HEALTH based, and as the last guest was finishing a discussion about how women need to seek help for domestic abuse, he suddenly said, "Well, the ACA funds domestic violence treatment, and Republicans are against the ACA, so what do you say to them?"  it was a petty and transparently inappropriate comment in the nature of "and besides the health issues, Republicans are bad!"  To her credit, the guest said, "It's not a political issue and I'd say the same thing to anyone, Republican or Democrat," . . . and talked about how women need to seek out help.  Throwing in the "Republicans are bad" line whenever you can just reinforces my view that most of MSNBC sees itself as a vehicle for reinforcing the "progressive is good, conservative is bad" view.  Some people may look for that, but not me.  I'm looking for more of a "let both sides talk to me, and let me make up my own mind about who I agree with -- don't tell me who I'm supposed to agree with."  And I don't find much of that on TV any more, certainly not on most of MSNBC.

    It goes without saying that I don't watch much on FNC.  

    •  Actually, you nailed Morning Joe: (2+ / 0-)
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      jayden, doroma
      transparent and petty
      •  As I said, not the guests. And that's why I watch (0+ / 0-)

        it.  It regularly has reputable voices on from both sides -- which is what I want to see.  

        Pretty much all the other shows on MSNBC present only one viewpont -- from the left.  Sort of a "preaching to the choir" approach.  That's no what I want -- I prefer a show that presents different views and lets me make up my own mind.  

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