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View Diary: Sometimes MSNBC disgusts me. (99 comments)

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  •  My experience is limited to prime time. (0+ / 0-)

    Ed Schultz - a bit of a radio host (which he is) trying to do TV.  His show is OK, but not one I make time for now that it's earlier.

    Al Sharpton - a little loud, and we could probably make a drinking game out of the number of times he says something is "an outrage" or "outrageous".

    Chris Matthews - very loud, as in I turn the volume down when he comes on.  Hardball also belongs to a different generation of political talk shows that involved both sides going at it.

    Chris Hayes - thoughtful discussions, but sometimes boring, also decent journalist.

    Rachel Maddow - my favorite of the bunch.  I like her humor and also see her as the best actual journalist of the primetime hosts.  Given that she anchors coverage of election nights, SOTUs, etc. I suspect the network shares the latter opinion.  She does give quite a bit of background.

    Lawrence O'Donnell - can be annoyingly self-righteous and so confident in his predictions it's kind of fun to see him proven wrong.

    Overall I'm a fan of the network and glad it has gone the direction it has.  Even their Republicans are thoughtful people with respect for reality.

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