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View Diary: Obamacare oversight? Monkey court, says one frustrated Democrat (88 comments)

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  •  GOP funny farm: Smiling faces, throwing feces. (1+ / 0-)
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    Eric Nelson

    Of course it's a fuckin' show trial!  If those hypocrites request Sebelius to appear before their trickster tribunal, I hope she doesn't give those scum a single second of her time.  They see the clock running out on trying to dislodge the ACA from the public; so, they're attempting to turn the faulty initial rollout into something bigger than it is.

    In my opinion, the reason they waited so long before they tested the site is because no one was sure what the Supreme Court would do.  If they had struck down the individual mandate (or worse), possibly crippling the ACA, those bums would have held a show trial to hold people accountable for the money "wasted' on the Web site.

    My first advice to the staff hired for the purpose of implementing the law:  Use snail mail and/or E-mail.  Mail out paper forms, PDF forms and instructions to those whose names, home addresses and E-mails are already in the database.  It is no different from mailing out campaign flyers, tax forms and instructions.  Show the people that the law is not dependent on a Web site alone, which is what the funny farm is trying desperately to manipulate the public into thinking...

    ...Fortunately, they are running out of time.  The last piece of the law goes into effect in the spring of 2014, yes?

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