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  •  Get a Grip People ! (6+ / 0-)

    Sorry - just said that to get everyone's attention...

    But I do think it is worth reminding people that in another government enterprise - to land people on the Moon - this happened:

    Three Apollo astronauts - sitting on the launch pad - burned to death due to problems at the inception of the Apollo program:

    If the Republicans ruled the day back in 1967, the American can-do attitude would have been can't-do... they would have declared the whole endeavour a "train wreck" and scrapped it - probably so they could go divert the money to fund another war somewhere...

    But instead - we picked up the pieces, recognized the issues, WORKED THE PROBLEM (to paraphrase Apollo flight director Gene Kranz) and ended up two and half years later with "Houston, Tranquility Base here - the Eagle has landed..."

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