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View Diary: Eric the Red is starting to understand the GOP (124 comments)

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  •  The Republican party exists today to.... (7+ / 0-) the needs of the rich.  Keep those tax cuts, Keep that regulation at bay.  Work incessantly to condition American workers to accept ever lower wages and benefits.

    But there are not enough rich to win elections so long ago they decided to take on other issues that had strong opinions.  

    They took on guns, prayer in schools, the death penalty, mandatory jail terms, the gays, the poor, flag burning, abortion, immigrants.  Lately they took on the war on Christmas, nativity scenes on public property, the right to incandescent bulbs, the right to burn all the gasoline you want, and ever weirder causes.  Those that RAN the party didn't care one way about nearly all these issues.  Abortion?  Just fly to Europe.  Guns" they live in gated communities.  Prayer in school, they go to private schools.  The death penalty and other strict punishments don't apply if you are rich.  gays? with great contract law they could protect their gay relationships pretty well.  etc etc.  So they could embrace each of these issues in order to entertain a certain voting class.

    But they never intended to actually deal with any of those issues because if they managed to WIN on any of those issues they ran the very real risk of losing those voters in the next election..

    The problem for the RNC is that they created and fostered a crazy class of voters and that crazy class of voters has taken over large sections of their party.  And many of those crazies DON't share the same love of the rich.  

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