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View Diary: Democratic fundraising surge amid Republican slump (68 comments)

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    But how many progressive articles have we seen about how Texas is still red because Hispanics won't vote.  How many article talk about how progressive and wonderful Austin is, while treating the rest of the state as a impenetrable conservative and frankly scary fortress.

    Then there is the question of how many progressives are really going to support a policy of undocumented students, which is of great concern.  In 2010 the dream act failed in senate where 59 senators were caucusing with the democrats, and the vote to end the filibuster could only garner 55 or 56 votes. This is the issue with Texas and the DNC.  Too many progressives are still afraid of competition.

    Texas is 45% white, 12% black, and 38% Hispanic.  Everyone blames gerrymandering, but maybe it is just the fatalists saying that the only way to break the conservative hold is to accept that the country the country is not 66% white non-Hispanic anymore.  Or like Daily Kos, according the advertiseing statistics, primarily white, male, older, and more like to earn above average.

    Then, of course, the progressives have given up.  Cruz received like $4 million from national conservative organizations.  Sadlers total contributions were less than a million, none for nation progressive organizations, mostly from unions.   Couldn't spare even the $700,000 that the club for growth could for Ted Cruz?

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      JerryNA, VPofKarma

      scarce campaign dollars to Liberal organizations.  After all Cruz won in a landslide of more than 1.275 million votes. Better places to spend our money.

      Ted Cruz Rep.            4,456,599     56.6%   
      Paul Sadler Dem.     3,183,314     40.5%   
      John Jay Myers Lib.    161,462     2.1%   
      David B. Collins Green  67,791     0.9%   

      As a native born Texan safely ensconced in that liberal hellhole Seattle, Washington, let me assure you I have no bias against the Lone Star State.

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