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  •  Again, you don't understand. (0+ / 0-)

    You accused me of defending unjust laws.

    That's not true.  The laws against Snowden ARE UNJUST.  But, if the laws are unjust, does that mean they are no longer laws?  Laws are laws.  I choose to defend our imperfect legal and political system.

    Can't you understand where I'm coming from?  We are on the same side.

    Equating the actions of Snowden to King's civil disobedience is absurd.  Snowden's "crimes" were magnitudes higher in the eyes of the Federal Government.  Not only that, we are talking two totally separate sections of Government;  State vs Federal.  Snowden and King are apples and Oranges.  Both are fruit, but two different kinds of fruit.  

    I am on Snowden's side.  I understand why he fled.  I get it.  But I also understand the Government's legal pursuit of Snowden.  While we can wish it all away and ride magical ponies in the land of perfection, we can't.  There are laws on the books that Snowden broke and there are laws allowing the Government to pursue and if necessary, jail him.  That's reality and it's all legal and lawful.  And yes, it sucks.

    Don't bite those that are on your team.  I'm defending Snowden (he's the king of all whistleblowers) and I'm defending the Government's (unfortunately) legal actions thus far.  What we need to do is fight for the protection of whistleblowers, which will allow future Snowdens protection.

    "So what if a guy threw a shoe at me!"

    by FoodChillinMFr on Wed Oct 23, 2013 at 12:55:14 AM PDT

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    •  You're arguing against the dictionary definition (0+ / 0-)

      You're arguing against the dictionary definition of the term "civil disobedience." If you're really on my side, then please respect definitions, history, and the truth.

      The Government is fully entitled to try to prosecute Snowden. It is not entitled to have the plane of the Bolivian president  forced down on the grounds that Snowden might have been on it. It is not entitled to have its officials lie to Congress. On and on, crimes have been committed by the NSA and no one is calling for its officials to be sent to jail.

      If you want to defend the law, then demand that it be enforced equally. Unequal enforcement of laws is nothing more than hypocrisy.

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