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View Diary: True or False: Most Rapists Commit Rape For Sex w/ Poll (121 comments)

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  •  I come at it from 'Maslow's Hierarchy'. (4+ / 0-)

    Sex is a primal biological function, and is farther down towards the base of the pyramid than emotional gratification or other sorts of ego-based 'needs'.  

    I think you certainly can frame the discussion solely in terms of power, but I also think that when you do deny the existence of rape simply for sexual gratification, you've just effectively ended your ability to try to end any such rapes.  If they don't exist, there's no point in trying to develop programs to stop them from existing.  

    •  I wonder if you could provide any links for your (4+ / 0-)
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      Floja Roja, LiberalLoner, Danali, splashy

      point of view... do you know if there are studies that support it?

      •  Simply my own theory on human behaviour. (0+ / 0-)

        I tend to think Maslow provides a good general framework to consider all "normal" human behaviour.  Rational individuals tend to follow the pyramid - you value your survival above all, then value your physical wellbeing more than your mental wellbeing, and so on.

        (Various images of the Maslow pyramid are easy to find online.)

        Certainly you can say that people with various mental issues might not follow such a framework.  People who are willing to risk their lives for simple ego-gratification, etc.

    •  This is what I don't understand (2+ / 0-)
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      angelajean, jan4insight

      If they are solely interested in sex, why rape? Hire a prostitute. Hit the bars and pick someone up. There are lots of other options. And they may do those things too. But we aren't discussing them. We are discussing rape. And the question is, why are they raping?

      It has to be because of a large imbalance in power. They get off on the power. They may only be able to "get off" that way. I don't know. Those other possibilities don't have such a large power imbalance.

      And I can't see how focusing on rape as sexual gratification will help solve anything. As I said, there are lots of outlets for sex.

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