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  •  Thursday Boston Cheers & Jeers (9+ / 0-)

    Cheers to a delicious lunch with my staff yesterday.  They work very hard and it was great to be able to recognize their efforts.

    Cheers to the truffle fries at the Capital Grille.  Seriously, the best french fries I've ever had.

    Jeers to obstructionist republicans.  Grrr.

    Cheers to a great win by the Red Sox last night.  And cheers to Mother Nature for canceling the rain order for the afternoon/evening.

    Cheers to my sweet pooties Jack and Katia who make me smile every day.  Jack has been snugglier than usual lately (he never snuggles, so this has been a welcome change).  I bet he's trying to butter me up for something, not quite sure what it is yet though.

    Cheers to President and Mrs. Obama.

    Cheers to all y'all here (getting my Texas on in advance of the move).

    Cheers to my sister who had the moxie to go through with it and get a lawyer so she can have my niece's father's wages garnished for child support.  

    Jeers that she had to make that choice in the first place as she was trying to be as accommodating as possible to her ex.

    Cheers to the wee niece who is no longer so wee.  She turns 1 tomorrow.


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