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  •  I'm sorry, but no blanket statements re GMOs! (0+ / 0-)

    People have been modifying our crops since agriculture started.  It's called plant breeding, which is selection of desired genetic traits and hybridization.  There are so many different kinds of more modern genetic modification techniques, including moving one edible plant gene to another plant, that have never been shown to cause harm to any organism that being blanket anti-GMO is not rational.  The anti-GMO crowd seems to ignore the advances, and rarely has proof of their claims of harm. (I'm giving benefit of the doubt, because I haven't seen any that hasn't been grossly over-exaggerated.) I'm sorry, but making blanket anti-GMO statements is not acceptable to, well, realists.  It's "preaching", your words, precisely because in almost all cases it is a new fact-free religion of the pseudo-skeptical credulous anti-science believers in woo.  In other words, by all means, write a diary about this, but please point to verifiable facts and studies, not GOP-like alarming but fact-free warnings of doom.

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