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View Diary: Butterfly Woman: Food-like products are making us sick. (116 comments)

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  •  So if these were a random assortment (0+ / 0-)

    Give me your one or two best, most convincing studies or review articles. Don't worry about paywalls, I can usually find them through a university connection or DeepDyve.  

    I discounted the in vitro study not because it was in vitro, but because the concentrations they used aren't relevant to human consumption of trace residues of glyphosate in food.

    I didn't discount the case study - yet. If it contributes to a body of evidence that's great.  I just remarked that it is a case study of one man; on it's own it can't prove much. If it presents good evidence, please tell us about it.

    It's absolutely valid in this setting to discount a study that lumps in the effects of glyphosate with organophosphates and organochlorines just because they're all insecticides. It's apples and oranges. It's like lumping together the toxicity of methanol and ethanol because, hey, they're both alcohols.

    Plenty of epidemiology and other papers do convince me of risks associated with food additives, workplace contaminants, etc. They convince me by:
    -directly considering the substance in question,
    -using relevant animal models or human data, and
    -having sufficient statistical power.

    These studies don't  convince me of a danger posed by glyphosate in our food supply. There may well be risks due to inhalation/skin exposure while applying glyphosate, but that is a different exposure route and different exposure level.

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