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View Diary: It's time to reframe the debate about gun ownership in the United States (29 comments)

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    A gun kill speed limit is an oxymoron. By it's very nature, a modern firearm has an ability to fire that is only limited by the ability of the shooter to aim the weapon and choose targets.

    Moreover, the "traditional" ways of trying to make firearms "less dangerous" fail miserably simply because any shooter willing to use a gun to commit gun crime will not keep the restricting features on his/her firearm. Magazines are plastic. You can make a 30 round AR-15 magazine using a 3-d printer. You can build an AK 47 from a SHOVEL

    Bullet buttons? Anyone committing a crime in California is simply going to ditch it for a regular magazine release. That's assuming, of course, that you're talking about modern sporting rifles. At the ranges that most mass shootings occur, i.e., inside of a medium sized room, a pistol is more than accurate enough. 7 Round magazines? Doesn't matter if you have 2 guns and 50 magazines in a backpack, which is how the Virginia Tech shooter was armed.

    Gun control is not a solution to violence.

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