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View Diary: Republicans go from 'repeal it' to 'fix it' (103 comments)

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    We lost.

    Obama’s selling insurance.

    I thought for awhile that I’d have to invent a new color code for explicit shilling, but then I realized I had it already: Bathos, the abrupt transition in style from the exalted to the commonplace. Here, the exalted would be the dignity of the Presidential office; and the commonplace would be the “Come on down!” of The Price is Right. Very sad, especially when we consider the feelings of those who considered Obama some sort of Bodhisattva.

    Technically, I find the speech interesting for two reasons: first, the dexterity with which Obama manages to evade all responsibility for the debacle of the website; second, the moment when he starts using using his favorite rhetorical device, anaphora, and immediately begins to emit utterly copious streams of bullshit, such that whole paragraphs get colored bathetic. It’s like watching a fighter jet take off and head for the vertical, trailing smoke and flames.

    Anyhow, as usual color coding Obama is necessary to keep the record straight and it’s also, in a sick sort of way, fun.

    However, these posts also have a very serious, even a deadly serious, purpose: Public speaking is utterly necessary for effective civic engagement. It’s not enough to have good thoughts or a good heart; you have to be able to express yourself in front of other people! So, by studying masters of rhetoric like Obama, we can learn his techniques and, unless they involve bullshit, turn them to our own purposes.

    Yes, if all that is left is to accept this pos we lost.  Jed can't you find some more Bachmann?

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