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View Diary: Republicans go from 'repeal it' to 'fix it' (103 comments)

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    There are several ways to FIX IT
    1. Provide a public option whether within Medicare or some other program.
    2. Acknowledge the Federal Exchanges were never intended to serve 34 states when PP&ACA was passed and signed into law.
    3. Fully fund the program with no more votes to eliminate, defund or otherwise harm the program.
    4. Give the Federal government the power to negotiate Medicare D drug prices.
    5. By working with Democrats to improve and strength the safety net for people who no longer can find jobs paying a living wage due to off-shoring and globalization.
    6. Tax all normal trading at 0.05%; tax all derivative and hudge fund trades at 0.1% and tax all microsecond trades at 0.2%.
    7. Raise Social Security payments for 99% of the participants.

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