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View Diary: Republicans go from 'repeal it' to 'fix it' (103 comments)

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  •  You hit it on the head. Wasting $24 Billion? OK (4+ / 0-)
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    But wasting $250 Million in the effort to provide affordable healthcare to all of the people of our great country?  


    Unless the Republican assholes realize that the American people are perfectly capable of doing math, and that;

    $24 Billion is NINETY-SIX TIMES LARGER than $250 Million

    ...then there really is no hope for them.  And did they notice that during the critical period of getting the online website up and working, our government (not THE Government, okay?) was distracted by a large group of pro to-McCarthyite self-aggrandizing douchebags, busing preening before television cameras and telling colorful lies to the American people.

    Those of you who are preening self-absorbed douchebags know exactly who you are.  But what you may not realize is that the American PEOPLE have figured out who you are.  And what you are.  We don't like the amount of our money that you just pissed down the drain, or the uneasiness you caused in other nations, how you emboldened our enemies and caused concern among our friends.

    Talk to someone who was in Hong Kong, Europe or China during the "shutdown" and you will learn that their press and politicians had a field day with it.  One of my sons was in Italy and the Italians were making snarky remarks about how fucked up our government had become.  The Italians!  I mean, what nerve!  I told him he should have said he thought that if our President had some "Bunga-Bunga" parties maybe things would have gone better.  He said he did say something a bit like that and they didn't think it was funny.

    When the Italians, who are wonderful people but who have a bizarre circus for a government, feel bold enough to crack jokes about the US, that will tell you what a stupid, stupid display of douchery the shutdown was.  It was, to put it bluntly, as stupid as something that Berlusconi might have done.  Oh wait, that he DID do, on October 3rd.

    One might suggest; Ted Cruz = Silvio Berlusconi

    A different type of brainless self-absorbed moron, but similar psychiatric problems

    Different styles of self-absorbed fools.  Oh, and when Calgary Cruz went down to Texas after the Shutdown fizzled?  He told an audience there that he was "glad to be back in America".  Seriously? I love Texas and have a lot of family there, but America, the American Cruz swore an oath to uphold the laws of, is a great deal larger, and a great deal more united, than a divisive twerp like Cruz will ever understand, until the express train of public opinion rolls over him.

    I'm working to help a family member get on the ACA in Texas, which the Texas State government has worked hard to keep from working.  Consumer Reports Magazine lists 14 ACA Insurance companies who are open for business in Texas.  Nice try Cruz!  Nice try Governor Perry!

    We, the American people, are going to remember what you did this year.

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