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View Diary: Tea Party Confederate Secessionists are Finally Crawling out of Closet (288 comments)

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  •  Frank Rich was calling them revolutionaries. (5+ / 0-)

    I agree with the first few comments that they should be called confederates because that is truly what they are. The harbor great anger for losing a war that they were NOT a part of. They boast at how well they would do if the war was happening today. Of course all the real money is in the blue states so I think that theory would prove incredibly naive.

    As far as guilt goes. I disagree. I feel guilty in regards to what our forefathers considered appropriate policies and treatments. How an entire nation could agree to slavery in general is beyond my comprehension. My own personality does not bend to convention and norms therefore I highly doubt I would have made it past 16 y.o. in the founding of this country's constitution or even in the founding of the colonies. No, they do not feel guilt. I do because I was not there to stand up and scream out and help.

    Lastly, in regards to 12 Years a Slave. I know that this movie will have a profound effect on me. As I generally avoid these types of movies (Mississippi Burning, etc.) because I can't stomach the racism. Roots was the only movie I saw, from start to finish, regarding slavery in America. I was very young but my mother wanted me to see how this country treated black people and the importance of knowing what is right and what is wrong. So, I will go see 12 Years a Slave. And I will be bringing a box of tissues with me.

    Earth: Mostly harmless ~ The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (revised entry)

    by yawnimawke on Thu Oct 24, 2013 at 11:19:07 AM PDT

    •  It isn't just Southern revanchism. (1+ / 0-)
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      The Tea Party, which is really a name for the Republican base, holds a view of the Constitution and the structure of US government that tracks back to John C. Calhoun.
        That, quite aside from Southern "lost cause" sentimentality, makes them neo-confederates.

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