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  •  Thank you very much for your unflinching (16+ / 0-)

    support for social justice causes.

    One challenge I see is that we all need to recognize that this systematic and relentless attack on the working class and the poor is not being done by us!  We are not doing this...

    This is being done to us by an easily-identifiable group of people and organizations.

    Also, equally culpable are the corporatist Democrats who are more interested in pushing Neoliberalism (i.e., defunding the public sector, or democracy, in favor of private profiteering), than in standing up against their corporate paymasters, lest they find themselves unable to get a high-paying lobbying job after leaving office.

    These people need to be called out, exposed, shamed, and remove from office, replaced by people like you!

    Thanks again, Congresswoman Barbara Lee.  I'm proud to be one of your constituents.

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