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    Each 100MW of enhanced geothermal system 260 billion metric tons of CO2 can store in each set of hot rock reservoirs which will last about 6 years.  On average enhanced geothermal system will use 15 sets of hot rock reservoirs storing 3.9 trillion metric tons.  Since it takes 150MW project to keep one drilling rig and crew busy, figure 5.85 trillion metric tons for one 150MW enhanced geothermal system over 90 years.  I hope other 4.15 trillion metric will be stored in bio-char by-product of algal bio-diesel.  That leaves 20 trillion tons of carbon in fossil fuel plus 3 trillion tons of carbon in 4 trillion tons of methane already leaking from thawing tundra and unstable seabed deposits mostly near mouths of large rivers.  Methane can be collected with dredges that work like giant vacuum cleaners.   Coal seems to be selling for $60 to $70 a short ton about 12,500 Btu, which I guess, is about $85 a metric ton of carbon content.  Gas sells at $3.60/Btu at the end of September 2013.  Wikipedia says 43.1MMBtu/short ton = 47.31MMBtu/metric ton.  So about $170/ton of natural gas 75% of which is carbon; $240/ton of carbon content of natural gas.  It seems cheaper to buy coal as mineral rights and clean up after natural gas with Global Thermostat and enhanced geothermal systems—if you can avoid leaks.   If Peabody Energy, Archer Coal, and any other too big to fail coal firm owns a drilling rig, it might make sense to ask them to invest in drilling and fracking enhanced geothermal system to sell heat by Btu to electric utility.  Federal government should buy and set up Global Thermostats at enhanced geothermal system sites and have CO2 used as fracking/hydraulic/heat-transfer fluid.  If you can get a hard declining cap on greenhouse gas emissions, you can ask coal firms to broker sale of CO2 used in geothermal system at $25/ton as offset to hedge against any failure to meet quota under cap.  You probably want two 150MW enhanced geothermal systems storing CO2, one to clean up past emissions and one to keep up with current emissions (about 40 billion tons CO2eq./year worldwide).

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